The GoFly Fix

The GoFly Fix videos will help you cope with unexpected events and make you a better pilot.
(To view in full screen, press PLAY then press the square icon in the bottom right hand corner of each video.)
  • Free Videos: CTAF Radio Calls (Briefing)
  • Free Videos: CTAF Radio Calls (Inflight)
  • GoFly Fix – Navigation Flight Test with Digby
  • GoFly Fix – Transponder Codes
  • GoFly Fix – Duty of Care
  • GoFly Fix – Cirrus Refresher Flight using the Avidyne system
  • GoFly Fix: 10 Mile Inbound Radio Call
  • GoFly Fix: CLEAROFF Checks
  • GoFly Quick Tip: Getting On The Right Track after Departure
  • GoFly Fix: Hygiene practices on the ground during COVID-19
  • GoFly Fix: Hygiene practices in the air during COVID-19
  • GoFly Fix: How not to fail a flight test
  • GoFly Fix: How to join a busy circuit
  • Interpreting weather charts
  • GoFly Fix: Loss of Controls
  • GoFly Fix: how to land your plane when your throttle is stuck at full power
  • GoFlyFix: Debunking The Myth of Power vs Pitch
  • The GoFly Fix: visibility and visual flight rules before and after takeoff
  • The GoFly Fix: What an instructor looks for before sending a student solo
  • The GoFly Fix: Aborted takeoffs and emergency procedures
    The GoFly Fix: The Turn Back
  • The GoFly Fix: Common Circuit Errors – Ballooning
  • The GoFly Fix: Common Circuit Errors – Over controlling and flare height
  • The GoFly Fix: How to conduct a pre-flight inspection
  • Interpreting weather charts
    The GoFly Fix: Radio Failure
    The GoFly Fix: Determining whether you are high or low on approach to the runway
    The GoFly Fix: Side slips
    The GoFly Fix: Phantom Stall
    The GoFly Fix: Every landing is a failed go-around!
    The GoFly Fix: How to survive engine failure
    The GoFly Fix: What to do when your radio fails
    The GoFly Fix: How to deal with flap failure
    The GoFly Fix: How airflow behaves during stalls
    The GoFly Fix: Landing straight
    The GoFly Fix: Partial Engine Failure
    The GoFly Fix: Flap Failure After Take-off
    The GoFly Fix: What to do in the event of instrument failure
    The GoFly Fix: How to handle an inflight fire
    The GoFly Fix: How to avoid a collision by using the radio

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