Pilot Resources

Find out about recreational aviation and general aviation regulations, where to buy aviation supplies, which books to use for studying, and how to access weather cams and weather websites. This resources page provides the aviation community and students with quick shortcuts to the most common resources for becoming a pilot.

    RAAus Regulations

    Recreational Aviation Australia (RAAus) governs Recreational Aviation in Australia. A Recreational Pilot Certificate is the first step on the path to your dream of flying.

    Visit the RAAus website 

    A complete list of RAA Flight Schools

    Click on this link to find a complete list of RAA Flight Schools in Australia

    ERSA Manual

    Air Services provides Aeronautical Information packages including an ERSA (En Route Supplement Australia) and maps. ERSA Review the latest ERSA diagram of circuit regulations for any Australian airport. Visit Air Services

    CASA Regulations

    CASA governs General Aviation in Australia. CASA provides the majority of information for your aviation requirements.

    Visit the CASA website

    Part 61 MOS

    Weather Forecasts

    Prior to any flight being conducted it is a requirement to review the local weather and the destination weather.

    Click on the title to check out our Interview with Channel Nine weatherman, Garry Youngberry.

    Navigation Planning Charts

    Click here to download a navigation planning chart to print.


    Aviation Supplies

    We recommend Flight Store for all your aviation needs. They provide a great range and service. Visit the Flight Store website

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