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  • Flight School Episode 15: Damien and Chris

    Damien is training Chris, an instructor candidate, to fly in the right-hand seat while also practicing his ‘patter’ (the words to be spoken while giving a student their flying lesson).

  • Flight School Episode 14: Paul and Jasper

    Instructor Paul is revising Jasper’s last lesson of the Recreational Aviation syllabus, ‘Straight and Level’, and introducing lesson 4, ‘Climbing and Descending. Jasper wants to one day be the co-pilot for his dad, who also recently learnt to fly.

  • Flight School Episode 13: Dan and Jarva

    In this episode of Flight School, Instructor Dan is doing a second solo check with Jarva after his first solo flight the fortnight before. Cross winds, tail winds and a change of runway made things tricky.

  • Understanding the CASA Manual Of Standards (MOS)

    In this video Damien outlines how to understand the different sections of the MOS in relation to your RPL or PPL licence.

  • Flight School episode 12: Paul and Ani

    In this episode, Instructor Paul takes Anasiou through the first few lessons, including the effects of the controls, climbing and descending, and turns. Ani prefers flying the Sling than the Cessna.

  • How to fill in your Pilot Log Book

    Your Pilot Log book is a legal document, which shows how many dual and solo hours you have flown and in which aircraft. Flight School owner, Damien, talks us through how to fill in your log book and what to do if you make a mistake.

  • Flight School Episode: 11 Dan And Annie

    Dan is taking Annie for her 3rd solo check but they come up against gusty conditions. Must be time to practice some cross-wind circuits!

  • BAK Quiz Video 18
  • BAK Quiz Video 50
  • BAK Quiz Video 49

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