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  • Flight School Episode 1: Dan and Marc

    In this episode, Marc is studying and flying well and only requires Instructor Dan to tidy up a few little errors to make him a better pilot.

  • RPL Highlights
  • AvPlan EFB Part 6: Advanced Planning

    In this video Kreisha looks at advanced features such as multi-stage planning, inserting an RNAV into a flight plan, reports and the lowest safe altitude calculator.

  • AvPlan EFB Part 5: Intermediate Planning

    In this video Kreisha demonstrates adding and editing and deleting user ways points, setting up a delay, obstacles and terrain.

  • AvPlan EFB Part 4: Becoming accustomed to the EFB features

    In this video Kreisha demonstrates the special features of AvPlan such as terminals weather, NOTAMS and charts.

  • AvPlan EFB Part 3: Basic Flight Planning

    In this video we demonstrate how to start a new flight plan, change your aircraft, adjust power settings, toggle between plan mode and fly mode, and enter way points.

  • AvPlan EFB Part 2: Customising your EFB

    In this video we demonstrate how to customise AVPlan and switch on and off  the features you want to use and using the weather radar overlay.

  • AvPlan EFB Part 1: Setting up your EFB

    In this video we show you how to set up your AvPlan EFB software and settings ready for your navigation flight.

  • GoFly Outbound: Visiting the Whitsundays

    Damien recently had the opportunity to fly into the quite challenging Shute Harbour airport in the Cirrus SR20. With mountains full of trees each side, gusty coastal winds and a sharp turn required, it’s not for the faint-hearted.

  • GoFly Outbound: Visiting Armidale

    The GoFly Online team travel to the university town of Armidale, NSW in the Cirrus SR 20. Damien is very familiar with the airport after having once operated a GoFly flight training school there.

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