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All content provided by GoFly Online is for information or entertainment purposes only. GoFly Online accepts no responsibility for any errors in the content and or incidents or accidents contributed or caused by the use of this information.

“Website” means the website located at www.goflyonline.com.au or any subsequent URL which may replace it from time to time;

“You/your” means you as a user of the Website and/or a Corporate Subscriber and/or a Registered Employee.


The content of GoFly Online and related companies is for general information purposes only.

GoFly Online refers to the company and creators of GoFly Online, shareholders, partners, affiliates, related companies, contractors or employees of GoFly online.

The contents (known as content) of GoFly Online such as video, 360 video, graphics, images, text, quoted information, sound and all other content are provided for reference, general information or entertainment purposes only. The content does not claim to be complete or exhaustive or to be applicable to any particular individual or organisations training. Users should always consult with a qualified Flying Instructor or the relevant authorities regarding appropriate techniques and laws for your aircraft type, location and relevant training.

GoFly Online has no duty to correct or update the content nor to resolve or clarify any inconsistent information that may be a part of this information. Gofly online accepts no responsibility or liability for any individual, group or company views that are contained in this content. GoFly Online accepts no liability for any outdated or incorrect legal information contained in this content. GoFly Online, related companies, shareholders, partners, affiliates, contractors or employees accept no responsibility or liability for any incident, accident or loss of income that may occur from any information that is contained in any of this content. Reliance on any of this content is solely at the user’s risk.

Last updated 28th March 2019

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