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  • A Rare Eclipse

    Flight instructor Chris catches up with the father of his childhood friend, and they take a ride in Roger’s twin-engine Eclipse jet.

  • GoFly Fix: How to read a windsock

    In this video we teach students how to read the main and secondary windsock for calculating wind speed and direction on the runway.

  • Making radio calls at a CTAF aerodrome

    In this video we explain the radio call requirements a pilot needs to make at and around a CTAF aerodrome.

  • The Two Classics

    This is a tale of two classics: a Harvard aircraft, a Stearman, and the two men who have formed a wonderful friendship while flying in them.

  • Aircraft Performance, Weight and Balance (complete video)

    This is the complete video of Aircraft Performance, weight and balance.

  • Calculating Weight and Balance – Part 5

    This short video teaches you how to understand and calculate weight and balance charts.

  • Aircraft Stability – Part 3

    This short video teaches you the basic fundamentals of Aircraft Stability.

  • Weight and Balance Basics – Part 4

    This short video teaches you the basics fundamentals of weight and balance.

  • Calculating Performance – Part 2

    This short video teaches you how to understand and calculate take off and landing charts.

  • Aircraft Performance – Part 1

    This short video teaches you the fundamentals of aircraft performance and what factors affect the take off, climb and landing phase of flight.

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