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  • GoFly Fix – Duty of Care

    CFI of GoFly Aviation, Nathan, informs student Shane about the duty of care you have as a pilot while flying over land and ocean, and the practice of ‘if you see something, say something’.

  • GoFly Fix – Transponder Codes

    In this video, CFI of GoFly Aviation, Nathan explains to student, Shane, which transponder code to use in which situation.

  • Cockpit Familiarisation: ULS and IS

    In this video we go through each item on the checklist and give an overview of starting and stopping the engine in both a carburettor and a fuel-injected engine.

  • Fuelling an aircraft

    Deputy Chief Flight Instructor, Damien runs through the important things to be aware of when fuelling an aircraft.

  • GoFly Fix – Cirrus Refresher Flight using the Avidyne system

    In this video Nathan takes Damien, the owner of GoFly Aviation, for a flight in the Cirrus and gives him a refresher lesson on using the Avidyne navigation systems.

  • GoFly Outbound: Visiting the Jabiru Factory in Bundaberg

    The production team from GoFly Online take the Cirrus to Bundaberg to visit Jabiru Aircraft, makers of Australian recreational aircraft.

  • GoFly Fix: 10 Mile Inbound Radio Call

    In this video Damien and nav student, Digby, identify when to make the inbound radio call.

  • GoFly Fix: CLEAROFF Checks

    What does the acronym, ‘CLEAROFF’ stand for? In this video Damien and Digby demonstrate the standard departure checks when navigating.

  • GoFly Quick Tip: Getting On The Right Track after Departure

    In this GoFly Quick Tip video, Digby and Damien demonstrate the best way to efficiently get on the right track for your nav flight after takeoff.

  • GoFly Fix: Hygiene practices in the air during COVID-19

    In this short video, Damien and Digby discuss how student pilots can continue to fly and how flight schools can continue to operate despite the Coronavirus outbreak.

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