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  • The GoFly Fix: Where NOT to start an aircraft!

    Dan, our enthusiastic flight instructor, shows you where not to start up your aircraft and why.

  • GoFly Fix: How to handle an engine failure on takeoff

    In this video Damien demonstrates how to handle an engine failure on takeoff, and also at 200 feet when there is not enough height for turning back to the runway.

  • How to avoid a collision by using the radio

    In this video we demonstrate how to use your radio to avoid collisions or close encounters with other aircraft.

  • Flight School Episode: 19 Nathan And Wesley

    Wesley is practicing his inbound and outbound procedures, trying to make radio calls and also keep an eye on his altitude. Will he be able to multi-task and be sent solo?

  • GoFly Flight School Episode: 18 Dan And Paul

    In this episode, Dan is teaching Paul cross-wind circuits and hold-offs while landing, and is hoping Paul is ready to go solo.

  • GoFly Outbound: Visiting Shane from Aus Flight Simmer

    In this video we visit Shane who hosts the popular Aus Flight Simmer YouTube channel and we check out his studio and equipment

  • Flight School Episode 16: Damien and Jack

    Jack has the required number of command hours and has begun his RAA Instructor Rating. Now he has to learn to fly and land, while sitting in the right hand seat.

  • GoFly Fix: Knowing when to flare

    Damien demonstrates how to judge height when flaring by imagining a mini bus parked at the end of the runway. To view in full screen, turn your mobile device on its side. For more aviation content, lessons and quizzes, visit

  • GoFly Outbound: Visiting Gympie and the Recreational Flying Company

    In this video, Damien shows how to land and depart from Gympie, and while there, has a chat to Paul and Marty, the owners of the Recreational Flying Company.

  • Flight School Episode 17: Dan and Ron

    In this episode of Flight School, Dan is ticking off a few more items from the RAA syllabus with student Ron who is doing his circuits lessons.

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