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  • The GoFly Fix: Loss of Controls

    Damien and Digby demonstrate how to land an aircraft after experiencing a loss of one of your primary controls (aileron, rudder or elevator).

  • The GoFly Fix: the correct procedure when your throttle is stuck at full power

    In this latest GoFly Fix video, Digby and Damien demonstrate how to land the plane when the throttle is stuck on full power.

  • The GoFlyFix: Debunking The Myth of Power vs Pitch

    In this video Damien and Paul demonstrate which is better: power or attitude for airspeed on final approach.

  • The GoFly Fix: visibility and visual flight rules before and after takeoff

    Want to know whether you can fly today? Damien and Digby demonstrate the minimum distance you need to be able to see when flying under visual flight rules.

  • Career Interviews: Working as a Corporate Pilot

    In this video Damien interviews Zauris – a Gulfstream Jet G550 co-pilot – about what it is like being an international Corporate Pilot.

  • The GoFly Fix: What an instructor looks for before sending a student solo

    How does an instructor know when a student is safe to go solo? In this video Damien does a few circuits with Digby to ensure he is safe to take off, fly and land the plane by himself.

  • Spin Training with Colin Appleton (briefing)
  • Aerobatic Pre-flight Briefing

    Aerobatics champion and Instructor, Colin Appleton, explains the basic aerobatic manoeuvres such as unusual attitudes, steep turns, wing over turns, aileron rolls, barrel rolls and loops.
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  • Spin Training with Colin Appleton in the Robin (In-flight video)

    Colin takes Deputy Chief Flight Instructor and owner of GoFly Aviation, Damien, up to give him some spin training in the Robin.

  • Aerobatics – Aileron Roll

    In this video, aerobatics champion and instructor Colin Appleton, demonstrates how to conduct an aileron roll.

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