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GoFly Online puts you in the student seat of a modern training aircraft. You see and learn exactly what a real student learns, with a highly experienced flight instructor. Flight training is procedural and this is where GoFly Online is most beneficial in helping you understand and learn the procedures and processes that will make you a better, safer and more competent pilot.

Yes, you will be immersed in most aspects of flight training and we also offer interviews with airline pilots to help you decide whether a flying career or learning to fly is the career for you.

Standard view means it was filmed in standard 4k cinema-aspect ratio for you to watch on your TV, computer screen , iPad or mobile device, whereas 360 or 3D view means it was filmed with a 360-degree camera and you can watch in 360-degree immersive view on any device, including, laptop, smartphone, phone inside headsets or within Oculus Go headsets. Standard View is titled as 2D and 360-degree view is titled as 3D on the video descriptions and thumbnail pics.

We would recommend GoFly Online to any potential future pilot over the age of 10 years old.

Subscribing is simple, go to the Subscribe page, choose the subscription that you want and then go through the normal checkout process. Once you have paid you will have immediate access to your videos.

NBN (broadband) or higher speed is recommended. When watching 360-degree footage you may have to wait for footage to render, due to the high data involved in watching these videos.You can also download them to watch offline. Damien also had this below but i feel that it is already covered in our ABOUT section, which people can get to from the footer.

You need to be logged in to see subscriber-only content. If you are logged in, the right hand side drop down menu will have 'My Account' written at the bottom menu item. If you are not logged in, it will say LOG IN. Log in using the email and pasword details you set the account up with.

Sometimes after a software upgrade on the site, subscribers using ipads will need to clear their cache in order to have the easy books load for them. Google instructions for 'clear my cache' then follow those intructions. If the book still will not load, notify using the feedback form.

We have switched off the auto renewal for all subscribers signing up after July 2022. Some annual subscribers who signed up before this date may inadvertantly be charged another annual fee. If so, let us know via the feedback form and we will be happy to refund your annual subscription fee.

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