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Our ‘Airducation’ videos will assist you with all aspects of your Recreational Pilot Certificate (RPC) and Recreational Pilots Licence (RPL) from Ab initio (initial training) to advanced navigation training.


Over 320 videos created by highly experienced Instructors
Pre flight video briefings for Recreational Pilot Certificate
Inflight video lessons for Recreational Pilot Certificate
Pre flight video briefings for Recreational Pilot Licence
Inflight video lessons for Recreational Pilot Licence
Low wing and high wing aircraft versions
Filmed so you see what the pilot sees (not too many talking heads!)
Over 1,000 quiz questions to test your knowledge and prepare for exams
Easy Books for online theory and exams
RPC/RPL Navigation training videos
Performance weight and balance
Passenger endorsement, Controlled Airspace,
EFB, Aerobatic and Cirrus training videos
Test flight, GoFly Fix and maintenance videos
RAA Instructor Rating course

The benefits are:

Be prepared for what will be covered in your next lesson
Refresh your memory about what your instructor covered in previous lessons
Speed up your learning and save time and money on your flight training
All lessons are aligned with the RAAUS syllabus and the CASA MOS
Quizzes attached to each video and Easy Books help you test your knowledge
Your own personal dashboard to show you what videos and quizzes you have completed
All content up to date with the regulatory changes, more videos added regularly
Learn in the comfort of your home at a time that suits you, on any device
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Recreational Pilot Certificate

If you are thinking about learning to fly or have just started your flight training, these ab initio training videos will teach you everything you need to know about the fundamentals of flying.

Passenger Endorsement

This video demonstrates the privileges and limitations of carrying a passenger and  how to obtain your recreational passenger endorsement.

NEW RPC, RPL, PPL and CPL navigation training

These videos and quizzes include the pre-flight briefings and inflight lessons that are required as per the CASA Manual of Standards (Part 61) for the Recreational Pilots Licence and Private Private Licence daytime VFR navigation training.

Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)

Our informative training videos demonstrate the basic fundamentals of using an EFB (Electronic Flight Bag).

Performance Weight and Balance

Our informative training videos demonstrate the basics of aircraft performance and weight and balance!


After students have completed their initial training, we recommend they complete either a basic ‘Upset recovery’ training course or a ‘Basic Aerobatic’ course. Not only will completing an aerobatics course make you a better pilot but it is a lot of fun!

Controlled Airspace

In this free video, CEO of GoFly Group, Damien Wills, talks to Commercial pilot Paul Reddish, about the differences between Class G and Class C airspace and what's involved when flying into Class D and Class C controlled airspace.

RPL/PPL Training

A Recreational Pilot Licence or RPL, is the next step in your pilot training, after your RPC and Cross Country training. Your RPL conversion enables you to fly a heavier aircraft with more than one passenger, providing you hold a class 2 medical. An RPL and Private Pilot Licence (PPL) are two milestones on the same journey.

The GoFly Fix

The team at GoFly Online have filmed many videos to assist pilots to fly better and cope with unexpected events. Here are our tips and fixes for dealing with unusual events while flying.

RAA Instructor Course

These videos demonstrate the basic fundamentals of becoming a qualified Recreational Flight Instructor and will supplement your face-to-face teaching and flying.

Cirrus SR20

Each month the team from GoFly Online will upload new training videos for the Cirrus SR 20. Check back regularly for new content.

GoFly Maintenance

In these educational and entertaining maintenance videos, we follow experienced engineers as they show you how they keep your aircraft flying safely.

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