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Our FREE ‘Aerotainment’ videos aim to educate, inspire and entertain you. If you are a pilot, student pilot, or a lover of aviation, these videos are for you.

GoFly Outbound

The production team from GoFly Online like nothing better than to visit new places and talk about planes.


The GoFly Online team will be scouring the world to collect interesting aviation videos for your viewing pleasure.

The GoFly Fix

The team at GoFly Online have filmed many videos to assist pilots to fly better and cope with unexpected events. Here are our tips and fixes for dealing with unusual events while flying.

Test Flights and Demos

In these videos, Test Pilot Tony talks us through the features and design of various aircraft and then takes them up for a test flight.

Pilot Pathways

On this page you will find a growing number of interviews with current and former pilots and other professionals, which will show you the path these people took to get into their career, and the types of jobs they have worked in.

Flight School

Each Friday we will release an episode of Flight School, which follows the progress of one student and their instructor as they conquer the elements and their fears, and learn to fly.

GoFly Maintenance

In these educational and entertaining maintenance videos, we follow experienced engineers as they show you how they keep your aircraft flying safely.

Taking Flight

The team at GoFly Online have filmed a reality show called Taking Flight, which follows student pilots from complete novices through to experienced pilots.  The series of over 22 episodes (plus bonus material) also shows the trials and tribulations of operating a weather-dependent flight school in Australia.

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