Free videos

Our FREE ‘Aerotainment’ videos aim to educate, inspire and entertain you. If you are a pilot, student pilot, or a lover of aviation, these videos are for you.

GoFly Outbound

The GoFly Online team will be filming their flights into various aerodromes to show you what you can expect when you visit different parts of Australia.

The GoFly Fix

The team at GoFly Online have filmed many videos to assist pilots to fly better and cope with unexpected events. Here are our tips and fixes for dealing with unusual events while flying.

Test flight and demos

Whenever we hear that a unique plane has come in for a service, we'll try to film it!

Pilot Pathways

On this page you will find a growing number of interviews with current and former pilots and other professionals, which will show you the path these aviation professionals took to get into their career, and the types of jobs they have worked in.

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