Video Series: Cross Country In-flight Lessons

  • Cross Country Lesson 17: Joining the Circuit (Inflight)

    Learn how to join an aerodrome circuit safely

  • Cross Country Lesson 21: Inflight Diversion (Inflight)

    Teaches you how to divert and aircraft to an alternate waypoint or aerodrome

  • Cross Country Lesson 22: Get Lost Procedures (Inflight)

    This lesson how to regain a position fix after getting lost

  • Cross Country Lesson 12: The 1 in 60 rule (Preflight)

    In this lesson you will learn how to apply the 1/60 rule to get back on track.

  • Cross Country Lesson 13: Departure and clear off (Inflight)

    You will follow the student and instructor through a standard VFR departure from a CTAF

  • Cross Country Lesson 19: Changing Radio Frequencies (Inflight)

    This lesson teaches you about Changing Radio Frequencies as you enter another airspace.

  • Cross Country Lesson 16: The Big Picture (Inflight)

    Big picture

  • Cross Country Lesson 14: First Way Point (Inflight)

    You will learn about time estimates and waypoints for positions fixes

  • Cross Country Lesson 15: Ground Speed (Inflight)

    How to recalculate you ground speed in flight

  • Cross Country Lesson 18: Inbound (Inflight)

    How to work out your inbound point

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