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Welcome to RAAus Online flight training in conjunction with GoFly Online. This initiative grants members access to a suite of educational and entertainment resources allowing you to keep up to date with training videos, get inside the virtual cockpit, and review individual flight lessons. For current students this allows you to progress your understanding of core flight lessons with both the underpinning knowledge as well as the virtual flight experience. It’s your customised online flight lesson. If you are a qualified pilot, these lessons will offer an opportunity to review and refresh those early lessons from your training. You’ll also have access to a range of aviation flight training resources and the ability to access the GoFly Online Q&A classroom.

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  • Taking Flight

    The team at GoFly Online have filmed a reality show called Taking Flight, which follows student pilots from complete novices through to experienced pilots.  The series of over 22 episodes (plus bonus material) also shows the trials and tribulations of operating a weather-dependent flight school in Australia.

  • The GoFly Fix

    The team at GoFly Online have filmed many videos to assist pilots to fly better and cope with unexpected events. Here are our tips and fixes for dealing with unusual events while flying.

  • Pilot Interviews

    On this page you will find a growing number of interviews with current and former pilots and other professionals, which will show you the path these people took to get into their career, the jobs they have worked in and some of the highlights.

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