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RAAus in partnership with GoFly Online

RAAus has partnered with GoFly Online flight training platform to offer financial RAAus members access to a range of educational and entertainment resources for pilots. Student pilots can speed up their learning and save money by watching a video briefing and inflight lesson before they fly, while current pilots can refresh their memory about procedures.

Financial RAAus members who sign up using their RAA membership number will have access to a number of FREE videos in the following series which would normally require a subscription to GoFly Online:

  • Recreational Pilot Certificate (pre-flight and inflight lessons and quizzes)
  • Recreational Cross Country Endorsement  (pre-flight and inflight lessons and quizzes)
  • PL/PPL/CPL Navigation Training
  • Electronic Flight Bag (including Oz Runways and AvPlan)
  • Controlled Airspace endorsement
  • RAA Instructor Rating 
  • RPL/PPL Training
  • Cirrus SR20
  • Aerobatics
  • Maintenance 

In addition to those videos which are usually subscription-only, RAA members also have access to all the FREE content on the site, which includes:

  • GoFly Fix: Short videos about dealing with unexpected situations
  • Flight School and Taking Flight: two series about learning to fly and the type of lessons that RPC and nav students will undertake
  • Pilot Interviews: for career advice and to help students become a better pilot.
  • GoFly Outbound: visits to the QLD Air Museum, Jabiru Factory and a range of Australian aerodromes
  • Test Flights and Demos: videos about the design features and test flights in a range of unique aircraft
  • AvPlan: how to set up and use the AvPlan electronic flight bag
  • Documentaries: a growing collection of aviation docos from around the world
If all this aviation content leaves you wanting more, you can access all the RPC, Nav, Passenger, RPL, PPL, RAA Instructor Rating plus practical and theory quiz content for FREE, by signing up for the 7-day trial.

As an RAAus member
you have free direct access to

  • Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)

    Our informative training videos demonstrate the basic fundamentals using a EFP Electronic Flight Bag

  • The GoFly Fix

    The team at GoFly Online have filmed many videos to assist pilots to fly better and cope with unexpected events. Here are our tips and fixes for dealing with unusual events while flying.

  • Pilot Interviews

    On this page you will find a growing number of interviews with current and former pilots and other professionals, which will show you the path these people took to get into their career, the jobs they have worked in and some of the highlights.

  • GoFly Outbound

    The production team from GoFly Online like nothing better than to visit new places and talk about planes.

  • Test Flights and Demos

    In these videos, Test Pilot Tony talks us through the features and design of various aircraft and then takes them up for a test flight.

  • GoFly Maintenance

    In these educational and entertaining maintenance videos, we follow experienced engineers as they show you how they keep your aircraft flying safely.

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