GoFly Online and the Team

GoFly Online was dreamed up by a team of professional aviators and content producers with the aim of giving you the most beneficial flight training information to supplement your current or future flight training.
Throughout the year, the team at GoFly Online will continue to create and upload stunning content, which will add further value to your Basic or Premium subscription.



Damien Wills, CEO of GoFly Group

Damien has a passion for flying, teaching and innovation. He has over 30 years of flying experience and has owned his own highly successful and innovative flight school for more than 10 years. Damien was frustrated with the lack of innovation in the flight training industry so started creating the first professional fixed-wing flight training videos in Australia back in 2012. He created ‘Learn to Fly’ DVDs, advertised them in aviation magazines and posted them out to customers. With advances in technology, he has now been able to become the filmmaker he always wanted to be, and produce training and pilot interview videos for online purchase and viewing.

Thomas Gregg, Co-Owner of Bravo Zulu

Thomas is a Director of Bravo Zulu, a highly successful Brisbane-based web development and digital marketing company. Thomas is a passionate aviator who has combined his knowledge and talents in the online space, to co-develop this innovative platform. He’s the ones who figures out how to upload and activate quizzes, design new pages, solve access problems and scale for future growth.



Anne-Maree Britton

Anne-Maree has a background in marketing, video production and scriptwriting. She takes care of the uploading and release of videos, as well as marketing. She also does the spell checking in the videos – but does not have final control over whether they are then fixed or not, so please don’t blame her.

Digby Hogan, CEO  of Empire Post

Digby Hogan is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of award winning Empire Studios in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.  When he’s not managing a team to creative greatness or directing a music video, you can find him editing an episode of “Flight School” or sky high flying the Cirrus! Since joining the team, he has brought a new level of professionalism to our finished content and graphic design, as well as organisation to the storage and labelling of our raw footage.

Sophie McDuff

Sophie is a passionate filmmaker, with skills specific to editing, music and script writing. After graduating with a Bachelor degree in Film, Television and New Media Studies, she has focused her efforts towards short form content and local music videos.  Sophie tackles every challenge with a bright attitude and a thirst for knowledge. As a travel advocate/pilot wannabe, she loves to promote the fun and freedom of flying with GoFly through her GoFly Online edits.

Jack Thompson

Jack is a videographer and filmmaker, with experience in corporate video production and music videos. He is currently studying at Sae Qantm in Brisbane and also has a diploma of screen and media from NYFA. Working towards his goals as a full-time filmmaker, Jack takes on any challenge handed to him. His current role at GoFly is behind the camera video production.

Nic Seeto

Wannabe jack-of-all-trades, Nic always ends up busier than expected. Now a recreational flight instructor for GoFly Aviation, he continues his flying journey whilst studying Engineering at University. He keeps the creative juices flowing by editing videos – a self-taught hobby picked up during high school. Some say he’s on the never-ending quest to create the most simple yet information-rich content for GoFly Online yet. Others say he’s mad!

Jason Matthison

Jason is the founder of Aussie Pilot Exams and is an RAA and GA Flight Instructor. Aussie Pilot Exams  is proudly made by commercial flight instructors and has been assisting future pilots since 2018 with online courses and practice exams, beginning from BAK, RPL/PPL to CPL and IREX. The combination of GoFly Online and Aussie Pilot Exams gives students the best chance of advancing through their flying theory, saving students both time and money by teaching in an innovative, entertaining and interactive manner.


Adam Slee

Adam is a former NZ Airlines pilot and GoFly instructor and is assisting with the creation of questions for the online quizzes.

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