Video Series: RPC Pre-flight Briefings

  • Cockpit Familiarisation: ULS and IS

    In this video we go through each item on the checklist and give an overview of starting and stopping the engine in both a carburettor and a fuel-injected engine.

  • Fuelling an aircraft

    Deputy Chief Flight Instructor, Damien runs through the important things to be aware of when fuelling an aircraft.

  • The GoFly Fix: How to conduct a pre-flight inspection

    Test Pilot Tony demonstrates what to look at and what to look for when conducting your pre-flight inspection in the Sling 2 aircraft.

  • RPC Lesson 8: Circuits Part 3 – Emergencies (Pre-flight 2D)

    In this lesson you will learn about the pre-takeoff safety check and how to handle an engine failure just after take off and in the circuit area, how to deal with a flap fire and an instrument failure.

  • RPC Lesson 1: Effects of controls (Pre-flight 2D)

    In this lesson you will learn about the control services and the Primary, secondary and further effects of these control services and how they affect the aircraft. Learn in detail about the elevator, rudder and Aileron and how the propeller and power affects the aircraft.

  • RPC Lesson 3: Climbing and descending (Pre-flight 2D)

    In this lesson you will learn how to climb and descend the aircraft at varying angles of climb and varying rates of descent.

  • RPC Lesson 2: Straight and level (Pre-flight 2D)

    In this lesson you will learn what straight and level is and how to maintain straight and level at different air speeds by using both the horizon as a reference and the aircraft instruments also the effective use of trim.

  • RPC Lesson 10: Precautionary Search and Landing (Pre-flight 2D)

    In this lesson you will learn how to deal with emergency procedures such as an engine fire, flap failure and loss of instruments.

  • RPC Lesson 9: Practice Forced Landings (Pre-flight 2D)

    In this lesson you will learn how to identify a field to land on in the event of an inflight emergency such as an engine failure. You will learn how to complete your emergency procedures and land safely in the event of an engine failure.

  • RPC Lesson 4: Turning (Pre-flight 2D)

    In this lesson you will learn how to turn the aircraft while maintaining balance and height at varying angles of bank. You will also learn how to turn while climbing and descending.

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