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Which aircraft are better for flight schools, composite or metal?

GoFly27 Sep, 2023

I have now owned and operated a flight school for over 10 years and in that time I have used both metal and composite training aircraft. I have had experience in maintaining and using both types for ab-initio and navigation training. Before I go into more detail on what I personally prefer, let’s firstly look […]

Short-term memory limitations and how pilots can overcome these

GoFly21 Aug, 2023

It is important that pilots are aware of the limitations of short term memory in relation to reducing risk and communication errors when flying. A good example is when a pilot receives instructions from an air traffic controller. An air traffic control instruction can be detailed and be spoken very quickly. If the pilot does not focus […]

Why every good landing is a failed missed approach

GoFly9 Dec, 2022

Learning to land an aircraft is hard When someone asks me: ‘Is it hard to teach someone how to land an aircraft?’, my response is always, ‘Landing an aircraft once you have mastered flying is not that hard, however, learning to land an aircraft ‘well’ and consistently safely, is hard and takes time, perseverance and […]

How to never stall an aircraft

GoFly4 Nov, 2022

Most student pilots, and a lot of experienced pilots, fear stalling an aircraft. During initial training, stalling lessons are given high priority to ensure all students are aware of what an approaching stall looks like, and how to recover with a minimum loss of height if the aircraft does stall. So what is a stall? To […]

Is it better to learn in a high-wing or low-wing aircraft?

GoFly27 Aug, 2022

Is it better to learn in a high-wing or low-wing aircraft ? As a flight instructor, and having had both high and low-wing training aircraft used in our flight school over the last twelve years, I often get asked, ‘Is a high-wing or low-wing aircraft better for students to learn in?’ While I have my […]

Why VFR Pilots should always plan for an alternate aerodrome

GoFly2 Aug, 2022

What is an alternate aerodrome? An ‘alternate aerodrome’ is another aerodrome other than the departure or destination aerodrome, that the pilot in command has selected to fly to, should the destination aerodrome not be suitable for a landing. If an alternate aerodrome is required, the pilot in command must ensure there is enough fuel to […]

Why pilots and passengers get motion sickness and how to avoid it

GoFly26 Jul, 2022

The reality is that most pilots and passengers in light aircraft have felt the effects of motion sickness at some point in their lives. It might have been just a slight feeling of uneasiness or it could have been a full-blown projectile event.  Understanding what causes motion sickness and how to avoid it, is very […]

Why all pilots need to understand the ‘region of reverse command’

GoFly14 Jul, 2022

Unfortunately loss of control accidents are very common during take off and landing. Many of these accidents could have been prevented if the pilot had a better understanding of slow speed flight and what is commonly known as the ‘region of reverse command’. Region of normal command  Before we talk about the region of reverse […]

What documents do pilots need to carry on board the aircraft when flying?

GoFly8 Jul, 2022

What documents do pilots need to carry on board the aircraft when flying? It is important for all pilots in Australia to know what documents they must legally have on board the aircraft when flying. It can be quite confusing understanding the legal requirements and where to find the most up to date legislation in […]

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