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  • How to use the radio and intercom

    Instructor Georgia explains how to use the radio and the intercom and how to solve common communication problems.

  • How to use the transponder

    A transponder is a piece of equipment in an aircraft which picks up and responds to an incoming signal. Instructor Georgia demonstrates how to use the transponder in general flight and in an emergency.

  • Cirrus SR20 G6 Demo Flight

    Damien talks to Australian Cirrus distributor Ross Harrison, about the features of the new SR20 and then takes it for a test flight.

  • GoFly Quick Fix: Visual Meteorological Requirements

    In this video, Instructor Georgia explains the requirements for being able to see clearly while taking a VFR flight.

  • Quick Fix: Rules of the air for preventing collision

    In this video instructor Georgia discusses the rules a pilot needs to know for preventing a collision between aircraft.

  • Quick Fix: Aerodrome Markings

    In this video, Instructor Georgia describes various aerodrome markings and what they mean.

  • Successful Forced Landing after Engine Failure

    Kyle was planning to record his first solo navigation flight when he set up his new camera in the plane. He could not have anticipated that he would end up filming his own emergency landing. We are sharing this forced landing video to show you how safe the Sling aircraft is and how well Kyle reacted under pressure.

  • GoFly Fix – The Phantom Stall

    Sometimes you won’t realise that you have actually stalled the plane. Instructor Damien shows you how to use the other instruments to see whether you have stalled.

  • The GoFly Fix: Landing straight

    Chief Pilot, Damien Wills, demonstrates how to land straight on the centre line.

  • The GoFly Fix: How airflow behaves during stalls

    Adam Slee, former Instructor at GoFly Aviation in Caloundra, QLD, demonstrates what happens to the air flowing over the wings during a stall.

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