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These quizzes will help you pass your Recreational Pilot Certificate and Recreational Pilot Licence, help you understand your practical training and also help you pass your theory exams.
For Recreational Pilot Certificate students we have created specific questions that are similar to the questions you will receive in your BAK, Pre solo, Air legislation, Radio and Human Factors exams. Or if you are training for a Recreational Pilot Licence the theory quizzes will assist with passing your RPL (A) exam.
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The GoFly Online quizzes:

Are written by experienced flight instructors to help you pass your Recreational Pilot Certificate or Recreational Pilot Licence.
Include practical and theory quizzes
Are similar to the questions you will receive in the real RPC or RPL exams
Offer a complete end-to-end solution on the one platform (no more expensive books and practice exams from different suppliers).
Link each correct answer to a full explanation in our Easy Book or video
Include a feedback form for any errors or suggestions for improvement you may have
Are updated monthly with new question and categories

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