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IAF Initial approach fix
IAL Instrument approach and landing
IAP Instrument approach procedure
IAS Indicated air speed
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organisation
Icing This is a condition where ice builds up somewhere on the aircraft. In piston engined aircraft with a carburettor, icing can form inside the carburettor. Other icing occurs when aircraft are flying in cold conditions through areas with moisture, which can cause ice buildup on the airframe.
ITCZ Inter-tropical convergence zone
IELTS International English language testing system
IFR Instrument Flight Rules.  You may fly through and above clouds and don’t have to see where you are going as you will be using your aircraft instruments to fly and navigate
IFR Arrival A procedure following a set arrival pattern which the aircraft will follow via horizontal and vertical positions to a set point which positions the aircraft for a landing.
IFR Departure A procedure following a set departure pattern which the aircraft will follow which ensures that the aircraft is clear of all terrain while climbing to the cruise altitude.
ILS Instrument Landing System. This is a very accurate instrument approach which gives guidance in both the vertical (glideslope) and horizontal (localizer) planes. The benefits of this system over other navaids is that the minimum altitude for a Missed Approach is much lower than that of an NDB or VOR.
IMC Instrument meteorological  conditions
Inertia The tendency of a body to remain in its current state. In other words, if an aircraft is moving, the tendency is that it will continue moving until a force begins to make it slow down to a stop, or if an aircraft is stationary, it will remain that way until a force is applied to get it moving.
INS Inertial Navigation System
ISA International standard atmosphere
IVSI Instantaneous vertical speed indicator

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