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Navaids Physical navigation devices that are located on the ground that an aircraft can tune into and fly towards. Eg: VOR , NDB , ILS
Navigate Controlling the direction the aircraft is flying
Navigation Lights Red and green lights situated on the wingtips of an aircraft which help identify which direction the aircraft is travelling. The red light is on the left or port side, while the green light is on the right hand side.
NDB A non-directional beacon. A ground based radio station which is used for direction only. This is an older technology and many NDB’s are being removed throughout the world.
NGT Night
NM Nautical mile ( 1 nm = 1.8 km)
Non raffic Side - This refers to the aerodrome circuit based off of the runway centre line. On one side of the centre line, the circuit is flown, while the side without the circuit is referred to as the non-traffic side.
NORDO Non-radio aircraft. Aircraft without a radio can not operate in an MBZ or controlled airspace, unless certain conditions are met
Normal Axis Also called the vertical or yaw axis. The aircraft yaws about this axis and provides directional stability.
Nose Attitude Referred to as the position of the aircraft's nose in relation to the horizon. A high nose attitude indicates that the nose is above the horizon whereas a low nose attitude indicates that the nose is below the horizon.
NOTAM A notice to airmen which provides information on potential safety hazards in areas or routes. As an example, an instrument aid might not be working at a particular aerodrome and this would be shown in the NOTAAM to alert a pilot planning on flying to that aerodrome.
NPA Non precision approach
NSC No significant cloud and no CB or TCU at all
NVFR Nigh visual flight rules
NVG Night vision goggles
NVIS Night vision imaging system

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