Cross Country Endorsement

Our informative training videos demonstrate the basic fundamentals of successfully navigating a visual flight.

They include both pre-flight briefings on how to plan your flight, and in-flight videos on how to handle departures, arrivals, diversions, and much more. It is best to watch the pre-flight briefing first, followed by the in- flight lesson.

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Cross Country Lesson 1: Introduction (Preflight)

This is a basic introduction and summary of what is required to successfully navigate a VFR Flight.

The IMSAFE Checklist

Cross Country Lesson 2: The IMSAFE Checklist (Preflight)

We talk about the personal Imsafe checklist and how important your physical and mental health is before you fly.

Map Plotting

Cross Country Lesson 3: Map Plotting (Preflight)

In this lesson we look at basic map reading and how to plot your track on the map.

Using the Flight Plan

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Cross Country Lesson 4: Using the Flight Plan (Preflight)

In this lesson we look at a basic flight plan and how to fill it in

Weather Forecast

Cross Country Lesson 5: Weather Forecast (Preflight)

This lesson looks at the basics of a weather forecast and how to interpret it for your flight.

Radio Frequencies

Cross Country Lesson 6: Radio Frequencies (Preflight)

This lesson looks at how to identify which radio frequencies to use for your flight.

Using the Flight Computer

Cross Country Lesson 7: Using the Flight Computer (Preflight)

This lesson looks at the basic principles on how to use your flight computer

Flight Log and ERSA

Cross Country Lesson 8: Flight Log and ERSA (Preflight)

This lesson is about how to read your Ersa and log your track on the flight plan

Inbound Flight Planning

Cross Country Lesson 9: Inbound Flight Planning (Preflight)

This lesson teaches you how to plan your descent and arrival.

Get Lost Procedures (pre-flight)

Cross Country Lesson 10: Get Lost Procedures (pre-flight)

In this lesson you will learn how to safely confirm your position if you become lost.


Cross Country Lesson 11: Diversions (Pre-flight)

You will learn how to divert to an alternate aerodrome or alter your track to a different destination.

The 1 in 60 rule

Cross Country Lesson 12: The 1 in 60 rule (Preflight)

In this lesson you will learn how to apply the 1/60 rule to get back on track.

Departure and clear off

Cross Country Lesson 13: Departure and clear off (Inflight)

You will follow the student and instructor through a standard VFR departure from a CTAF

First Way Point

Cross Country Lesson 14: First Way Point (Inflight)

You will learn about time estimates and waypoints for positions fixes

Ground Speed

Cross Country Lesson 15: Ground Speed (Inflight)

How to recalculate you ground speed in flight

The Big Picture

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Cross Country Lesson 16: The Big Picture (Inflight)

Big picture

Joining the Circuit

Cross Country Lesson 17: Joining the Circuit (Inflight)

Learn how to join an aerodrome circuit safely


Cross Country Lesson 18: Inbound (Inflight)

How to work out your inbound point

Orientation and Map Reading

Cross Country Lesson 19: Orientation and Map Reading (Inflight)

This lesson teaches you about basic map reading skills

Low Level

Cross Country Lesson 20: Low Level (Inflight)

Teaches you how to navigate accurately at low level

Inflight Diversion

Cross Country Lesson 21: Inflight Diversion (Inflight)

Teaches you how to divert and aircraft to an alternate waypoint or aerodrome

Get Lost Procedures (Inflight)

Cross Country Lesson 22: Get Lost Procedures (Inflight)

This lesson how to regain a position fix after getting lost

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