Aerobatics – Pre-Flight Briefing


Aerobatics - Pre-Flight Briefing

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What is the main purpose of a wingover?

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What is a potential danger with a minimum radius turn at slow speed?

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What happens to your airspeed if you pitch the aircraft up?

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Where do we set our reference point for a wingover?

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When do we reduce the power for a wingover maneuver?

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Why do we reduce the power in a fixed pitch aircraft as we fly through the reference point?

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What should our speed be as we come out of the wingdrop maneuver?

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Based on your speed, how could you gain height in a wingdrop maneuver?

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What could be a problem with losing altitude as you are exiting a wingdrop maneuver?

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In an aileron roll, where should the nose be in reference to the horizon when you are upside down?

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Where will the nose be as we come out of the aileron roll?

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What will happen to the aileron roll if your entry speed is too slow?

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In a barrel roll, how many G’s approximately should the maneuver be through completion?

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What are the main controls used in a barrel roll?

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What is the max acceleration we can get out of the aircraft in relation to a loop?

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As the G load increases, the acceleration becomes _______

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What is the main control required for a loop?

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If your heading on completion of a loop is different to the heading on entry, the most likely reason is that;

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If a constant load factor is maintained throughout the loop, will the engine rpm reach the red line on the last half of the loop?

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If the load factor is decreased towards the end of the loop, will the engine over-rev?

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What does our exit speed tell us in regards to our altitude with a loop?

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What are the two main errors when coming out of the loop?

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