AVPLAN EFB Part 1: Setting up your EFB


AVPLAN EFB Part 1: Setting up your EFB

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Where will your nav log appear when you select “new plan”?

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When you open Avplan, the main page will show a list of nav logs. What are these nav logs?

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Can you reuse an old flight plan?

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If the nav log is open, which side of the screen is the map displayed on?

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Where on the nav log can you see your call sign?

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How many sections is our plan split into?

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What can be found under the Planning tab?

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What is found under the En-route tab?

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What can be found in the Terminal tab?

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The Weather tab is a detailed weather section which can be selected for your specific area.

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You are able to download the required maps for your specific area. These can be found under ‘Data Downloads’ which can be found under which tab?

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Will the maps of the area you select update automatically?

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Where is the data stored once it is downloaded?

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Are you able to download individual maps, or are you only able to download all the maps for an area?

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Where can you delete or download other charts?

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If an area needs updating, what colour will be shown?

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Where is the update button located?

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Can Avplan be used with flight sims?

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How are airspace, runway and terrain warnings presented?

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Are you able to modify which audible notifications and warnings you can receive?

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If selected, how often will you get a notification on the battery status and charge?

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Will automatic data download use mobile or wifi internet connection?

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Full screen flight plan, when selected under user settings, will add an additional tab to the bottom of the screen for easier selection?

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How many devices can you sync on one account?

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Are you able to sync the devices using different platforms? IE: Android and iPhone

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How do you enable the devices to sync?

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If you accidentally lose a flight, will Avplan be able to retrieve it?

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Once you are signed in to NAIPS, how often do you need to reset your password?

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Where would be the best place to renew your subscription?

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What modes of contact to Avplan are available via the app?

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