AVPLAN EFB Part 3: Basic Flight Planning


AVPLAN EFB Part 3: Basic Flight Planning

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How do you overwrite a stored flight plan?

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Where do you find the edit button?

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How do you start a new flight plan?

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Where can we find UTC?

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How can you change your aircraft from the last default aircraft in the flight plan?

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How can you delete something?

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In order to create a new plan, we need to be in ‘fly’ mode.

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When fly mode is selected, AVPLAN automatically switches GPS mode on.

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We can select the green + button to start a new plan. Once selected this enables us to:

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Once we have typed in the aerodrome, how do we add it into our plan?

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Once we have selected an aerodrome, it appears in the nav log. A green dot is present, what does this mean?

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If you don’t need to search for an aerodrome and already know the ident, how can you add this to your nav log?

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If we tap on the map, we get a 'nearest items box’ that pops up. You are able to add waypoints or aerodromes to your nav log from this pop up box.

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Once we have added an aerodrome to the nav log, 5nm extended centre lines are added in automatically. How do we know which runway is into wind?

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Is this into wind runway, the runway you have to use?

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You can tap and drag your route line on the map to other points which can be added into your nav log.

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How would you remove an airport from the nav log?

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By tapping on an airport, on the map, you can either:

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In the edit tab, you can:

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How would we find out what the best altitude would be to fly at?

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When deciding on what altitude to fly at, hemispherically correct altitudes are highlighted in green.

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When entering our ETD, do we need to put in the 6 digit number?

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When calculating Weight and Balance, if an error is made in the weight section, what colour will AVPLAN highlight the error?

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How can you view your manifest once W&B has been done?

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While in the W&B tab, how could you make changes to your aircraft units?

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Are you able to send or share your flight plan?

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You want to submit a flight plan, where are you able to do this and what still needs to be done before it can be submitted?

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How would you know if your flight plan has been properly filed?

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Are you able to amend or cancel your SARTIME in AVPLAN?

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Where is the print icon located once you’re in the ‘print/send’ tab?

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