AVPLAN EFB Part 4: Becoming accustomed to EFB features


AVPLAN EFB Part 4: Becoming accustomed to EFB features

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Where is the ‘new plan’ icon located?

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What does the Terminal page contain?

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When you open up the terminal page, what is the first thing that is shown?

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Are we able to view the weather cameras in the terminal page?

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Under the comms tab, we can select a live link that will redirect us to the AWIS

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Where can we find the plain English TAFs and METARs?

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While reading a TAF, an arrow tells you that;

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When reading through the NOTAMS, are you able to mark them as being read?

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How does AVPLAN get the FBO information?

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How can you access the AOPA tab?

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When you are in the general airport information section, how can you access the shortcut to bring up the thumbnails for the airport charts?

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By tapping the book symbol, you are able to;

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If the chart is overlaid onto your map, how can you remove this?

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When a chart is open, what does the edit tab allow you to do?

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How would you delete anything you have edited on the chart?

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What methods can be used to send your annotations?

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Where is the timer icon located?

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Can radar overlays be found under the weather tab?

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What can be found under the weather tab?

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How can you view later weather forecasts?

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Once you have put in your flight plan, it will be reflected on the map when the weather tab is selected.

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What can be found under the Text tab?

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Can you upload an aircraft POH?

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How can you load your own POH?

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Can you link Avplan with dropbox?

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What can you find under ‘Chart Legends’?

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Where can you find the Avplan quick start guide?

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Where can you find the Avplan EFB tutorials?

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Where can we find the Notepad?

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What editing options are available with Notepad?

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