AVPLAN EFB Part 5: Intermediate Planning


AVPLAN EFB Part 5: Intermediate Planning

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How do you add a user waypoint to your flight plan?

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Are you able to customise a user waypoint?

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How do you customise a user waypoint?

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What can you customise with a user waypoint?

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Can you search for a street address to add as a user waypoint?

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You can also drag the pin on google maps to the desired location to set a user waypoint

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Once in the nav log, where can you find the edit button?

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Once you have completed your amendment, there is no need to select the edit button again and the map will automatically update

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Where can you go to make any further changes to your user waypoint?

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How can you send your user waypoints to someone else?

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How would you set up an Abeam point on the map?

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Will the Abeam waypoint show on your filed flight plan to ATC?

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What is the easiest way to add in a delay into your flight plan?

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In what format is the delay written?

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If we are submitting a plan for a same day departure, what format is the ETD written as?

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If an alternate is required, how would you add one into your flight plan?

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Is the added alternate live?

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How can you delete your alternate?

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Once an alternate is added, do you have to manually adjust your weight and balance and fuel calculations?

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If you edit an altitude in plan mode, will it populate that same altitude to the remaining parts of the flight plan or only for the block you are wanting to edit?

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What is the terrain and obstacle database contingent on?

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What happens to the map if we switch on the terrain overlay?

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If you are in fly mode, what is the terrain overlay dependent on?

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If we have Obstacles selected on, how will this appear on our map?

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How can we submit our flight plan?

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Can we change our altitude in the ‘file flight plan’ page?

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Under the ‘file flight plan’ page, what SARTIME will Avplan work out as a suggestion?

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Will the SARTIME default to local time or UTC?

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If you select ‘No Send’ and submit your flight plan, how will you know that it hasn’t been filed?

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If you file a real plan, how will you know it has been filed?

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