AVPLAN EFB Part 6: Advanced Planning


AVPLAN EFB Part 6: Advanced Planning

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How can we set up a second stage flight plan?

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Will the weight and balance for each stage be separated in different W&B calculations or be added in one completed W&B sheet?

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Where is UTC located?

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When entering our ETD, do we need to enter the six digit UTC time?

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For any further stages, are we required to enter a new ETD or will AVPLAN automatically enter an ETD?

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Where can we find the Altitude Optimiser?

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How can we change our flight plan from VFR to IFR?

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Once IFR is selected, what options are available for our route?

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How would we add the IFR route to our plan?

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How do we add an RNAV approach?

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How do you overlay the chart onto the map for an approach?

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How can you clear the chart off of the map?

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If you had an approach loaded into your flight plan, but decided to continue VFR, how would you remove the waypoints of the approach from the flight plan?

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How is the lowest safe altitude (LSALT) calculated?

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How can you view the LSALT?

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The default display for LSALT is RNP2. How many nm does this cover?

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How many nm does the VFR display cover?

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How do you change the presentation of the LSALT display?

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Once the LSALT display is selected, the highest obstacle and highest terrain will be highlighted and/or flash.

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The LSALT only needs to be done once for the entire flight.

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How can we reverse or invert the flight plan?

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Do you need to select the edit button before re-ordering waypoints in the flight plan?

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With multiple stages in a flight plan, are you able to submit more than one SARTIME?

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If you forget to cancel your SARTIME, will AVPLAN send you a reminder?

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If a multi stage flight plan is completed, do you need to submit each stage separately or can they be submitted together?

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If we decided not to go on the flight, how do we delete the flight plan?

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What do blue dots mean on the nav log?

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Are you able to send your flight plan to Garmin units?

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You can send yourself the flight track and view it on google earth.

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To see your flight track, what do you have to enable?

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