Using the flight plan


Using the flight plan

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Which of the following is NOT something you should have done before starting on your Nav flight?

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'ETI' on a flight plan stands for?

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Your Estimated Time of Arrival is obtained by adding:

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“CLEAROF” checks should be done

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During visual flight, you are legally required to get a visual position fix every

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When should you do a revised estimated time of arrival for the next planned waypoint on your route?

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How far from your destination airport should you make your radio call announcing your arrival?

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What tool can you use to determine the time you should be making your inbound radio call? (Based on your Estimated Arrival Time)

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It is always a good idea to do a couple circuits over your destination airfield in order to check the windsock and verify wind direction

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If there are no other aircraft operating in the circuit, you are allowed to descend to pattern height on the active side of the runway

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You are required to give a departure call even if all you did was a touch and go and your intermediate airfield destination

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