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Effects of Controls Board Brief

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The aim of the effects of controls lesson is to?

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Which of the following is NOT one of the 3 main axes of an aircraft?

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The axis that runs ‘through’ the wings of an aircraft right to left is called the?

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The four primary forces of flight are?

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The force opposing lift is?

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The primary effect of elevator is?

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Yaw is a primary effect of which control surface?

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The best order to go through the effects of each control is?

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The secondary effect of aileron is?

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How does an aileron cause yaw?

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The secondary effect of yaw is?

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A typical cruise setting in a Sling 2 is?

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The feeling of the controls at a lower airspeed is referred to in aviation as?

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When you decrease power in the sling, the nose will?

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Trim is an example of?

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A flap is?

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True/False: A sling fitted with a carburetor engine requires the pilot to manage carb heat?

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The correct procedure for steering a sling on the ground is?

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The correct procedure to stop the sling aircraft on the ground is?

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The most important part of the first briefing is?

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