Sam R

GoFly24 Sep, 2020
The Gofly Online website has been an incredible resource to me during my RPC training.  The website contains so many useful resources that I have ended up using it on almost a daily basis.  The most helpful resources on the website in my opinion include the practical flight lessons which contain pre-flight theory as well as inflight demonstrations.  They are well produced, easy to understand and also entertaining and fun to watch!  As well as this, they contain quizzes to test your knowledge after watching the videos. which I found really solidified the information.  The Easy Books and quizzes are also a great resource for the theoretical side of learning and I would highly recommend getting access to GoFly Online to aid with exam preparation since these resources allowed me to pass all of my exams first time.  In addition to all of these resources there are a number of interesting and entertaining videos to watch on the website which have also helped keep motivation and inspiration up!  I also like the fact that all of these resources are available on the go, so long as you have an internet connection.  This means that if I have a few minutes I can easily watch one of the videos or take a quiz at times I otherwise would not have thought to study. I would definitely recommend getting access to this site if you plan on completing RPC training!

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