Mark B, Jan 2021

GoFly29 Jan, 2021

I wanted to endorse the GoFly Online video subscription service as a must-have for the aspiring student and new pilot.

I was able to move through my RPC and Cross Country endorsement with a level of confidence and belief that came from the video series. My instructor was terrific and I found that accessing the videos in between lessons allowed me to visualise what I was likely to experience in the cockpit throughout the syllabus. This was invaluable. The videos can be watched over and over until you are able to understand the importance of each step and component of the syllabus.

As a new and inexperienced pilot, I intend maintaining my subscription to provide me with a go-to source of information around all aspects of flying. There will always be a need to revise procedures and the GoFly platform is ideal for this.

I have no doubt my training would have taken longer and been more stressful if I hadn’t utilised this terrific tool.

Well done Damien and Team

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