Sam Robson

GoFly2 Nov, 2022

One of the great advantages of the GoFly Online system is the Easy Books available on the platform,which cover BAK, Radio procedures, Pre-solo rules and Air Legislation.  They have made studying for the exams so much easier for me.  Because they are available online it has meant that rather than carrying several books around with me I can always have access to the information wherever I am.  This has meant that I can easily fit in a bit of studying even when out and about and has massively increased the amount of time I can access and revise the study material.  Not only this. but the fact that the books are all backed up with multiple choice practice exams means that it has also been easy to test your knowledge on the individual subjects.  Using both of these tools it is both easy to revise subjects and assess what your knowledge is like using the exams.  Another really useful feature of the practice quizzes is that the answers are linked to the relevant paragraphs in the easy books so when you get an answer wrong you can instantly check the relevant portion of the book the answer is related to without having to search through the entire book.  The books are well written and easy to read on the screen, they also have a useful word search function which I used several times.  I have looked at other books and study methods but have found the Easy Books and practice exams by far the best resource, since they highlight and summarise all the key information into an easy to study format.  I have read the first three Easy Books just once and passed each of the exams the first time, so GoFly is obviously doing something right!  I would highly recommend them!

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