Video Series: RPC summaries

  • Bonus video: Inbound Calls (Summaries) 2D

    In this lesson you will learn how to safely depart and arrive at an aerodrome and the use of appropriate radio calls.

  • RPC Lesson 6: Circuits (Summaries 2D)

    In this lesson you learnt how to take off, fly an accurate circuit and land the aircraft. You will learn about the legs of a circuit, upwind, x wind, downwind, base and final.

  • Lesson 1: Effects Of Controls (Summaries 2D) copy

    In this lesson you will learn about the control services and the Primary

  • RPC Lesson 2: Straight & Level (Summaries 2D)

    In this lesson you will learn what straight and level is and how to maintain straight and level at different airspeeds by using both the horizon as a reference and the aircraft

  • Lesson 5: Stalls (Summaries 2D)

    In this lesson you will learn how to identify the impending stall and recover with a minimal loss of height. You will learn about critical angle of attack and factors affecting the stall.

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