Aviation Dictionary: O

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OAT Outside air temperature
OCTA Outside controlled airspace
OEI One engine inoperative
OGE Out of ground effect
OH&S Occupational health and safety
Okta A method used to describe the amount of cloud cover in the sky, divided into eighths ; eg: 8/8 is overcast
Oleo An aircraft shock absorber on the landing system of most aircraft. It is a pneumatic, air-oil hydraulic shock absorber. Some smaller aircraft may have coil springs and both serve to dampen the impact of landing, with the hydraulic system being more effective.
Orbit A procedure normally used to generate spacing between aircraft. An orbit is simply a turn at a constant altitude and a constant AoB in your current position. It is NOT the same as a hold.
OVC Overcast 8 Oktas
Overbanking The tendency of an aircraft to want to increase its angle of bank, or continue to roll into the turn on its own, because of the differing amounts of lift created on both wings during the turn
Overhead A position fix directly over a point; ie overhead an airfield means that you are directly above that airfield
Overhead Join A procedure for aircraft to join an aerodrome circuit safely. This is normally done at a minimum of 500 feet above the circuit height with a descent to circuit height on the non-traffic side of the aerodrome circuit. It is important to be familiar with the specific aerodrome plates as the circuit direction can be either left hand or right hand based on the wind direction, aerodrome layout for noise control over populated areas, terrain, or other operational requirements 
Overshoot This is when the aircraft runs off the end of the runway, which could be either on take-off or landing.

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