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Why you might want to consider learning to fly at Caloundra Aerodrome

Before you roll your eyes and say: ‘Of course the owner of a flight school in Caloundra is going to plug his own aerodrome over the other aerodromes’, be aware that my first flight school was actually located at Caboolture Aerodrome. Later, when I was looking around to start a satellite flight school I also […]

If you cannot handle frustration, you cannot be an Airline Pilot

Those who can and those who cannot As a business owner and Chief Flying Instructor, I have always been intrigued by why some students succeed during flight training while others give up; or why some of them go on to join airlines and fulfil their dreams while others don’t. I‘m quite obsessed with self-development and […]

Am I too old to become a Commercial Pilot?​

You love flying and you might have dreamt of being paid to fly an aircraft. Your dream may have been to become an Air Force or Airline Pilot or even a Flight Instructor. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, you gave up on your dream of being a pilot and you settled for a comfortable (and easier […]

Let’s make Australian flight training great again!

I have been involved with the aviation industry now for over thirty years. I have been a charter pilot and flight instructor and have now owned my flight school for almost ten years. While I don’t consider myself an expert, the fact remains that my business is still thriving despite the current doom and gloom […]

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