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A world class training resource for pilots and pilots in training. I came back to flying after an almost 30 year absence and this platform that Damien and his team have put together was one of the main factors that helped me remember and learn how to fly again. It is a very good way to learn prior to your lesson and then strengthen your learning after each lesson. I can’t recommend this learning portal highly enough. An inspiration to other business owners on how to create content of value.
Well done team.

Dave Duncan

It has always been frustrating for me trying a obtain a reliable set of notes for the RAAus theory component. It got to the point where I was using 6 different books just to try to prepare students for the theory exams. Unfortunately, a number of our students took 3 and 4 attempts to pass.

I started to use your website late last year as did some of our students. As a result, we now have three 15 year old students who have gone solo last month. They passed the Radio and Pre-Solo Legislation exams easily and on their first attempt.

Phil Ryrie, Snowy Mountains Aerospace School

Before each flight, I prepare by watching the online videos and doing the online quizzes. When I arrive at the airfield, my instructor will go through the key points, answer any questions and ask me a few questions to gauge my understanding. I find this approach highly valuable in preparing for each flight training session and it sets my expectations of the exercises we will then go through that day. As I progress through my training in circuits, I often review several videos to refresh myself on topics already completed in the  syllabus. I highly recommend this approach to flight training and it really contributes to maximising the value of the time spent with the instructor.


One of the great advantages of the GoFly Online system is the Easy Books available on the platform,which cover BAK, Radio procedures, Pre-solo rules and Air Legislation.  They have made studying for the exams so much easier for me.  Because they are available online it has meant that rather than carrying several books around with me I can always have access to the information wherever I am.  This has meant that I can easily fit in a bit of studying even when out and about and has massively increased the amount of time I can access and revise the study material.  Not only this. but the fact that the books are all backed up with multiple choice practice exams means that it has also been easy to test your knowledge on the individual subjects.  Using both of these tools it is both easy to revise subjects and assess what your knowledge is like using the exams.  Another really useful feature of the practice quizzes is that the answers are linked to the relevant paragraphs in the easy books so when you get an answer wrong you can instantly check the relevant portion of the book the answer is related to without having to search through the entire book.  The books are well written and easy to read on the screen, they also have a useful word search function which I used several times.  I have looked at other books and study methods but have found the Easy Books and practice exams by far the best resource, since they highlight and summarise all the key information into an easy to study format.  I have read the first three Easy Books just once and passed each of the exams the first time, so GoFly is obviously doing something right!  I would highly recommend them!

Sam Robson

‘I have accessed GoFly Online to do the quizzes and it’s been very helpful.  When I had got any answers wrong it was good to be able to click on the button and be taken straight to the part of the book which gave the correct answer. ‘
Stefano, Darling Downs Aero Club


I was really time-poor with other life commitments when trying to put attention to passing my pre-solo examination. I had one read of the GoFly Online Easy Books the night before my first attempt (of which I thought would be many), and scored 92% ! Damien and the team have amalgamated the information in such a practical way, using brevity and professional insight, that really focuses you on the things you need to learn to become a knowledgeable pilot. The books were easy to access, intuitive to follow, and left me feeling surprisingly confident with such little study. A really innovative way to prepare yourself. 10/10.

Lucas K

If you are considering learning to fly this is a great way to learn about and enter the world of aviation.

Damien and his team have produced an extensive library of step by step videos which link perfectly with each lesson.

This means that you can watch a video before your lesson and then watch it again after your lesson to help improve your understanding and retention.

A world class process that you can utilise from anywhere in Australia to help you learn.

If you’re learning to fly then this is a hugely valuable resource for you.

Dave Duncan

I must say that your video library is fantastic and the best I have seen, so feel privileged to be able to have access to these resources


Having just commenced flight training for a RPC with a local flight school and then getting hit with a COVID lockdown, your videos are a vital part of what I need to retain my learning and prepare for future lessons ahead of the lifting of restrictions.


Great work on the AvPlan quizzes. The site is so fabulous now with the amount of content you have displayed.

Rebecca, AvPlan

Every student that watches these videos before their flight with me, usually starts the lesson on a high note, and grasps the entire lesson much faster than students that only have the generic pre-flight briefing on a white board.

Nathan Slee, Chief Pilot

I wanted to endorse the GoFly Online video subscription service as a must-have for the aspiring student and new pilot.

I was able to move through my RPC and Cross Country endorsement with a level of confidence and belief that came from the video series. My instructor was terrific and I found that accessing the videos in between lessons allowed me to visualise what I was likely to experience in the cockpit throughout the syllabus. This was invaluable. The videos can be watched over and over until you are able to understand the importance of each step and component of the syllabus.

As a new and inexperienced pilot, I intend maintaining my subscription to provide me with a go-to source of information around all aspects of flying. There will always be a need to revise procedures and the GoFly platform is ideal for this.

I have no doubt my training would have taken longer and been more stressful if I hadn’t utilised this terrific tool.

Well done Damien and Team

Mark B, Jan 2021

Hey Damien,
Wanted to let you know that I think you’re producing some great content and I enjoy see you on my Twitter feed!

Adam Utz, Flight Schedule Pro (United States)

Those videos; they are awesome. I don’t know how many times I’ve watched the lessons and also moved the cursor back and watched a particular bit over and over until I understood the concept. Those flight schools that don’t have videos like these, I reckon they are at a great disadvantage.

Marcel, GoFly Graduate

My flight training has been amazing. The videos have helped me so much and I don’t think I could be progressing without them. All the information is right at my fingertips before I even sit the cockpit because of the GoFly Online content.

Jarva, Caloundra

I find they are great for watching when you are exercising or when you are wanting to learn but in a less intense way eg. when you’re a bit tired. It’s a great refresher.


I am absolutely loving it and it’s been really useful. I am studying for my RPL and having an Australian-related online learning platform is fantastic; radio calls, procedures etc and the calmness of the instructors and their way of relaying the material is fantastic. You sure will have my support in the future. I have suggested to a few guys country-wide to subscribe to you, so thank you and really appreciate the GoFly Team and efforts.


Everything was very helpful.  I am more confident and productive now than before.  The theory and practical videos have boosted my confidence in a great way.
Thanks so much.

Chris, Melbourne

Yes, I am getting good use out of the subscription, thank you. I am looking to do my cross-country endorsement but due to the lockdowns in Vic I have had to pause that, so this has given me a head start. The videos are good and broken up appropriately into manageable lessons. The content is good and helpful and I appreciate the free access.

John, Melbourne

It has been awesome to have access to these videos to pass the time during lockdown!  I have used them to complement my nav study (using the Bob Tait book).

The some highlights for me have been:

  • The flight planning lessons (in the cross country series), particularly the one about filling out a flight plan and using NAIPS.  So far this hasn’t been something covered in Bob Tait so it was new to me.  It would be great if we could download an electronic copy of the table used to complete the flight plan to practice.  I have drawn up my own table with a pen and a ruler based on the one in the lesson.  I have been using this to practice navs to all the places I want to be able to fly to eventually.
  • The Oz Runways intro videos were great.  Definitely has helped me to get the most out of that app.
  • Controlled airspace flight/lesson – I never thought I would want to do my controlled airspace endorsement but that video has made me reconsider.  It was great having someone explain what was going on with each of the calls.  I would definitely love to see more flights like that into controlled airspace with someone explaining.
  • The videos from the cockpit of the student doing various tasks involved in the cross country flight were very beneficial.  It enabled me to visualise myself in the cockpit and imagine juggling flying the aeroplane with navigating.
Thanks again for offering these videos up for free to Melbourne pilots in lockdown.  I am hopeful of being able to take a few weeks off work and fly up to Queensland in the next year or so.  Will have to drop in to say hi.

Alex, Melbourne

I really have enjoyed all videos, they were very informative above my expectations with the ground theory. I will definitely be waiting for the cpl component.

Adel, Melbourne pilot in lockdown during COVID -19

The Gofly Online website has been an incredible resource to me during my RPC training.  The website contains so many useful resources that I have ended up using it on almost a daily basis.  The most helpful resources on the website in my opinion include the practical flight lessons which contain pre-flight theory as well as inflight demonstrations.  They are well produced, easy to understand and also entertaining and fun to watch!  As well as this, they contain quizzes to test your knowledge after watching the videos. which I found really solidified the information.  The Easy Books and quizzes are also a great resource for the theoretical side of learning and I would highly recommend getting access to GoFly Online to aid with exam preparation since these resources allowed me to pass all of my exams first time.  In addition to all of these resources there are a number of interesting and entertaining videos to watch on the website which have also helped keep motivation and inspiration up!  I also like the fact that all of these resources are available on the go, so long as you have an internet connection.  This means that if I have a few minutes I can easily watch one of the videos or take a quiz at times I otherwise would not have thought to study. I would definitely recommend getting access to this site if you plan on completing RPC training!

Sam R

Thank you for your Pre-flight video, although I fly a Foxbat I still picked up a few tips from your video.
Thank you again.


Having the basic access to GoFly’s online lessons was amazing and helpful. It helped me go over topics that I haven’t gone over for a while and to keep the information fresh while I wait for flights schools to reopen. The instructors were great and they explained everything clear and it a good way.

Joel, Melbourne pilot in lockdown

I found the GoFly Online content very useful. I particularly enjoy watching flight lessons as they help a lot to visualize how to go about certain manoeuvres, and the interview with the Gulfstream pilot was really insightful and motivating.

A special mention for the video of the actual engine failure. That definitely encouraged me to go over and over my forced landing procedures. That video is invaluable!

Thanks once again.

Ross, Melbourne pilot in lockdown

I am an RPL pilot currently working on my Nav and CTA endorsements and these courses are incredibly helpful and are proving invaluable to my training. Not only are they Australian-based which makes them much more relevant than overseas online courses, but the content is very thorough, with each stage broken down into easy-to-follow sections. Well done!

From our feedback form

‘I would like to personally thank you for creating your GoFly Online learning program and offering student pilots like myself the ability to continue learning 24/7 in the comfort of their own home. After wanting to learn to fly for many years I stumbled upon the GoFly Online lessons. Hesitant at first to purchase them, I took the leap and purchased the online program. I now watch the lessons on a regular basis and have found it to be the most professional, informative, educational and affordable online flying syllabus available and is a valuable resource to anybody looking to learn to fly or is currently doing flying lessons. The GoFly online lessons are great for refreshing your memory before your next hands-on lesson and they give you a clear insight into what your instructor will be wanting you to do in order to fly accurately and safely to obtain your pilot certificate. When learning to fly, you are taking in so much new information in each lesson, so this is a fantastic way to relax and look at the key points of a lesson slowly and at ease, and you can replay and go over things as many times as you need, which is great!

I guarantee that any student pilot currently working towards their pilot certificate will enjoy watching and immersing themselves in GoFly Online as much as I have. I have found it to be invaluable in my flight training.’

Adrian, Rockhampton

‘GoFly provided me with very good resources, especially the online training, which I could watch at home and replay it back, watching it and watching it and watching it, until I understood.’

Judite, RPC student from Singapore

‘I don’t think I could have done it without the videos. They made it very easy to get the knowledge into my head. I was able to watch them over and over again, so that when I rocked up for my lesson I was well prepared. They were really good for learning the ‘patter’ and I think having access to GoFly Online has made me a much better pilot.’

Paul, Instructor candidate

‘The videos have certainly been a huge help. It’s been great to be able to view the lessons before flying them in the air and review them after you get back on the ground and they’ve been invaluable in being able to nail the board briefs.  I highly recommend subscribing to the GoFly Online platform.’

David, Instructor Rating student

‘You can watch the GoFly videos when you are eating or taking a one hour break from other tasks. The most valuable thing is that I can  watch them anywhere, any time.’

Guillaume, Switzerland

‘Comprehensive content, yet explained in a very simple manner. The videos have been filmed by experienced flight instructors and the content really has a global application so students anywhere in the world can accelerate their learning and become better pilots.’

World of Aviation magazine

‘I purchased Damien’s ‘Learn to Fly’ DVDs back in 2015. I revisited the GoFly website this month and discovered the wealth of online content there now; a brilliant offering. I have to say, communication with GoFly has been impeccable. Thanks for rectifying my access issue.’

Rob, New Zealand pilot

The videos are great and a fantastic resource to improve learning and competency.

Mark Heinrich, Aviation High

The video lessons are such a great resource for learning to fly. Almost as good as the real thing. I wish I had it at the start of my pilot training. Great tool for reviewing flying lessons and taking learning to fly a step further.’

Daygin Prescott

I have decided to spend the year saving a lump so I can pay in bulk and do more frequent flying lessons, so I decided to get your videos to watch repeatedly in the meantime while saving. The videos are really helpful, definitely worth the money.

J P Wiatkowski

Initial impression: WOW! A full-on ‘gets my attention’ website.. simple and very effective.

Patrick Hanna

Easy to navigate and packed with a lot of great information for the aspiring pilot.
The videos I found very useful, especially as I would love to commence the Instructor Course shortly and felt that these videos are great preparation before starting the course

Colin Mason

The website has a huge amount of valuable, quality content which will significantly increase students’ skills. The videos are extremely informative and easy to follow. The layout is user-friendly and will be a breeze for students to keep up-to-date with lessons and videos throughout their training. GoFly Online is a great resource for students to access and will greatly benefit their training.

Quinn Hawker, GoFly Graduate

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