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Will electric VTOL aircraft replace personal fixed-wing flying?

GoFly2 Jul, 2022

I have owned a Flight School for over 10 years now. The majority of our students are learning to fly for fun. The majority of recreational flight students have no ambition to turn their passion for flying into a career; they just want to learn for the sheer joy of flying. The next aviation revolution  […]

Why adopting the best glide speed is so important after an engine failure

GoFly30 Jun, 2022

If you have already completed Practice Forced Landing (simulated engine failure) training you will remember how your flight instructor reiterated how important it is to adopt the best glide speed as soon as the engine goes quiet. So why is the best glide speed so important after an engine failure? Glide performance and best glide […]

Mutual support or competitive hostility?

GoFly24 Sep, 2020

I’ve just finished reading a fantastic book called ‘Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber’ by Mike Isaac.  The book gives a very accurate account of the early startup years of Uber through to its massive growth and then finally having the CEO and founder, Travis Kalanick, fired as CEO and thrown off the board. The […]

The twin issues of the pilot shortage 

GoFly21 May, 2020

This article was originally written in February 2020 for the May edition of  ‘Australian Flying’ magazine – well before the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, and its effects on the airline industry. This blog is for all Flight School operators, CASA and government policy makers, airline board members and anyone else who has an interest […]

How to avoid feeling sick when learning to fly

GoFly18 Mar, 2020

Some students and even some veteran pilots experience air sickness from time to time. In fact for my first 10 hours of flight training (about 20 years ago now) I was sick during every lesson. Eventually the sickness disappeared but I learnt a few things along the way. Below I have outlined a few of […]

Can I keep learning to fly during the Coronavirus outbreak?

admin17 Mar, 2020

Australia has recently introduced the same virus containment measures as other countries.  At first it was just overseas flights and large festivals, events and meetings being cancelled; then it was gyms, restaurants and pubs forced to close. People who can, are being asked to work from home. Interstate travel is now restricted and further restrictions […]

Why the VET Study Loan program for flight schools needs to change​

GoFly4 Nov, 2019

Recently in the Australian newspapers there was a story about 15 students who were taking a very large flight school to court for not meeting the students’ expectations for their Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) flight training. It was no surprise that 99 percent of this school’s training was conducted under the Vocational Education and Training […]

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